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The Preston Ep

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Ric Birtill- The Preston Ep

The Preston Ep is based on and inspired by life in Preston, Lancashire. It features 5 songs about religion, romance, employment, agoraphobia and alcohol - dependence.

The five songs on the ep are rich in scalpel sharp observation, tempered with a reasonable amount of self-depreciating humor. The vocals have a punk rough and readiness about them, but that matters not as the songs are written in a way that this is actually a bonus, Birtill is an artist that really does write to his strengths and the results are fascinating.
"The Preston EP" is a release that often teeters on the edge, but never goes so far left field it's off the pitch. It won't be to everyone's taste, but it does make me think that Birtill is an artist that I want to see and hear more off and that this is an excellent starting position. - FATEA

THE ARK - 7/10

"interesting concept" - John Robb, Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War.

released June 11, 2013

(c) 2013 Sic Turtle Music. All Rights reserved. All songs written and performed by Ric Birtill.

The Preston Ep, released through Friargate Records.

Recorded at DB Studios and 'Sims Studio', Lincoln.

Ric Birtill - Guitar/Vox/bass on tracks 3-5
Roo Walker - Guitar/vox
Dan Swinburne - Bass on Envy
Godfrey Birtill, Jacob Birtill, Ric Birtill and Roo Walker - Vocal snare drums on I Did not.